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Horror at the Writers Fest

On September 23, 2023 the Bay County Public Library in Panama City, FL hosted the 2nd Annual Bay County Writers Fest. This year’s event featured nearly thirty local and regional writers. There were books of many genres including cookbooks, self-help manuals, memoirs, mysteries, science fiction, and horror. One of the featured authors this year (and last year) was Earth Island Books’ own Jim X Dodge who was there to sign copies of his first EIB title, 'Theta House'. After the event eight more copies of this delightful tale of violent horror are now in their happy new homes.

Bay County Writers Fest is a multi-faceted event. It’s a great way to introduce our amazing local writers to those who may not be aware of the thriving creative community that Bay County has developed over the years. While one of the main ideas is to allow writers to sign and sell books there are also plenty of opportunities to network with others in the field and to share successes and ideas. There were a lot of great conversations, moments to reconnect with familiar faces and to form new connections, and even one person passing out Halloween candy. That’s the kind of event most of us can enjoy!

We're working on Jim's next book now, a deeply thoughtful, yet superbly brutal zombie killing adventure, called 'The Bite', that we hope to have out in time for Halloween, but in the meantime, as prolific and creative a writer as he is, Jim has started work on yet another novel, entitled 'Botcher' and here's the first paragraph to whet your appetite:

"I had my arm drawn back for another punch when I realized the man in my grip had gone limp. Since I didn’t want to waste the momentum I let my fist fly one more time. My bruised knuckles mashed his lips into his teeth and blood splashed from the damaged flesh. Hopefully he would remember the most important parts of the conversation we were having before he lost consciousness. His debt had grown past the point of tolerance and the boss needed to make an example for others whose debts were similarly out of control."

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