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Ian Glasper speaks with The Devils Mouth podcast

Thanks to Jose and the Devil's Mouth podcast for letting Ian Glasper blab on about his new book, 'SILENCE IS NO REACTION: FORTY YEARS OF SUBHUMANS' as well as some of his favourite songs and bands. It's a great chat that goes on for over two hours with loads of good tunes mixed in amongst the conversation. Give it a listen here:

The Devil's Mouth guys say "Ian Glasper is a household name for anyone remotely into heavy music as one of its most celebrated writers. Not only has this true music historian spent 25 years as a part of the massively influential Terrorizer magazine, but he has also written several landmark books mostly within the punk and hardcore genres, with ‘Burning Britain’, for instance, already set as a classic of the genre. Coming out this year, with pre-orders already live, his newest work is called 'Silence is no reaction - Forty years of Subhumans', chronicling the existence of that legendary UK band. Ian is also a musician, and has played bass for over ten bands throughout his career, the most recent being Zero Again, a Rudimentary Peni/Neurosis/Dead Kennedys/Killing Joke-influenced beast that you will hear about a lot more soon. Kind of a no-brainer to have him on the show, right? Tune in now and listen to the whole fun chat we had with this living, breathing musical encyclopaedia."

The new Subhumans book is the definitive history of one of the best punk bands of all time. It's been a long time in the making but with over 640 pages, packed with photos and gig posters, it's well worth your time and you can pre-order it here now!

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