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New Wind presented at Born Bad in Paris

Alex Anesiadis has completed his first presentation - reading and signing - his new book 'We can be the new wind' at Born Bad Records in Paris last week and we are now setting up similar events at stockist all over Europe.

Here's a photo of the store window from when the author arrived...

You can order the book worldwide online, but if you want to pick one up locally then Coretex in Berlin have a good stock of the 'New Wind' books now too, as you can see from the picture below, and so do many more stores, including Radiation Records in Rome, Shield Recordings in Tilburg, Kriminal Records in Newport, All Ages Records in London, Scarecrow Records in Athens, Lotus Records in Thessaloniki and OneTwoSix Clothing, also in Thessaloniki, all of whom will be hosting book launch events with the author soon.

Plenty more artists and band members who have been written about within the books 800+ pages have received their copies now too, and there are posts by many of them, including a video from Carlos Soria of Montreal based rockers, The Nils, online now at Alexandros Anesiadis facebook page.

'We can be the new wind' is still going out with limited edition bookmarks and posters (and extra goodies) direct from the publishers, Earth Island Books.

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