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Personal Punk review 'The Revolution Will Be Televised'

"Smart, funny and easily digestible, The Revolution Will Be Televised is a voice of reason in an age of unreason."

Steve Midwinter at Personal Punk has been reading Ray Stuart's brilliant new alternative political commentary, 'The Revolution Will Be Televised' and wants to remind us all to smile about it.

“Somewhere our society has moved away from companionship and discussion. We entrench our positions and lack the opportunity to discuss, and I can’t stress this enough, to LISTEN to other points of view. Not just hear them but listen and consider. That’s where a more nuanced approach to politics, indeed to life, is so important.”

"Given the tsunami of (recent) notable events, this (book) might be long enough to construct a ‘state of the nation‘ report, but the sheer level of corruption, ineptitude and desperation of this most shambolic of governments constantly threatens to date it. In fact, at a tight 170 pages you could be forgiven for wondering at its brevity but, as the author states, this isn’t some dense, Bakunin-style anarchist tract, more a primer for the proles, requiring the reader to be open-minded."

"In a collection of essays on the current state of our crumbling nation, Stuart throws off the shackles of the traditionally solution-free punk rock orthodoxy (the only good Tory…, etc.), careering around the nation’s ills, one reduced to a grey landscape of hardship and division by grinding austerity, unfettered capitalism, toxic nationalism and culture war manipulation. Punctuated by dictionary definitions and well-chosen quotes, the author employs realism and nuance to navigate through seemingly intractable problems towards workable solutions."

And pick up a copy of 'The Revolution Will Be Televised' by Ray Stuart from Earth Island Books here, in your local book store, or online from most retailers, before it gets banned for approaching politics with common sense.

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