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Punk History 101

There was a time before the digital explosion and the online revolution when eager young punks desperate to seek out and hear new bands, were reliant on tape trading with a global network of like-minded souls, interviews, and adverts in zines and the often forgotten and ignored pillar of the punk scene that ensured that labels and bands could reach the eager, worldwide audience that fed off, and on, them, the compilation album.


Had they not existed, the punk scene would be a vastly different place, and in his latest book, 'Nefarious Artists', longtime zine editor, artist, and the former frontman of Four Letter Word and Violent Arrest, Welly Artcore explores the history, evolution, and importance of the compilation record to the punk, new wave, alternative, hardcore and post-punk scenes.


If you thought you knew the history of the underground, then maybe you need to take a deep breath, think again, and sign up for Welly’s detailed and compelling journey through the golden age of the punk rock compilation.

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