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Sanctus Propaganda reviews Directions to the outskirts of town

"The tone for this raucous tale is more than adequately set as the Chaos UK entourage roll into an aromatic NYC (think cat piss and coffee) to a soundtrack of the Wurzels, and from then on in, the fun – or discomfort thinly disguised as hilarity… take your pick – doesn’t end"...

"Occasional bursts of articulate, evocative description provide a fine contrast to the incessant punk rock spit and slobber, and remind you that young Wellington is more than capable of stringing a few words together in a pleasingly readable fashion. This is borne out by the poignant and reflective conclusion, which will tug on the heart strings of anyone who’s ever spent more than a week with a gang of (usually) likeminded musicians trekking across a foreign land".

"If you have even the slightest interest in either Chaos UK or Four Letter Word, or the DIY punk underground circuit and USHC music, or even what it’s like to lose yourself in a fever dream deep in the dark underbelly of the States, this book should be top of your to-read list".

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