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Talking shop with Gaz and Tony

In the run up to the release of 'Running At The Edge Of Their World', the detailed history and all-encompassing story of one of the global punk scenes most cherished and longest lived, literary institutions, Suspect Device, the editors of the perennial punk publication and authors of the aforementioned book, Gaz Suspect and Tony Suspect caught up with Thoughts Words Action to talk about Running…, Suspect Device, punk rock and everything in between.

If you want to find out the story behind the book, the zine and the scene veterans behind both, close the curtains, lock your door, turn your phone off, brew a mug or three of coffee, and head here.

Thoughts Words Action asked the Suspect Device lads fifteen questions in the interview. Their answers are very interesting and an insight into how to run a UK punk zine. Read it all here:

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