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The Independent Voice reviews Bugger Banksy

Banksy: like him or loathe him, the Bristolian street artist has caused a stir both in the art world and in most other parts of British society. It is, therefore, no surprise that he’s become the topic of 21st-century literature – particularly a black comedy detailing the highs and lows of finding his work on the side of a private house. Roy D Hacksaw has done just that with his latest book which, as the title suggests, offers a fair share of frustration given Banksy’s off-the-wall nature.

Glyn and Kevin are two local lads who live in Glyn’s barn conversion in the Welsh valleys, outside of the town of Abertillery. They spend their days tending to their sheep, watching countless action and martial arts films, and running their own marijuana farm to make ends meet. It all seems quite an easy life until one night when Banksy turns up to leave his mark on the side of the barn.

Demetri Levantis wrote this review for The Independent Voice, giving the book 4 out of 5 and having quite a lot of positives to say about 'Bugger Banksy', including: "I was laughing out loud on several occasions from how Hacksaw uses the local dialect and wit to help the protagonists get out of a fair share of sticky situations... I’d recommend this book in an instant".

"Bugger Banksy is a lightly transgressive caper that reflects on how the actions of a celebrity artist can cause a fair deal of trouble for the common people".

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