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'Seek The Throat From Which We Sing' is the first book in a series of novels by Alex CF known as the Books of Orata.


The Thousand headed king is dethroned. The prophet Grom has left his son Rune under the tutelage of his kin, whilst he searches for answers amongst his unquenchable grief. Rune knows only of the Startle and their glorious murmurations above the Pinnacle, and of his hatred for the murderous Gull king Esperer; a hatred that will lead him to exile.


He is cast into a land once ruled by the Wroth, whose machinations have stained the world black. But the Wroth are dying, and in the wake of their demise, many species vie for their crown. The Orata, the spoken scripture of the Vulpus speaks of a time when the sovereignty will fall upon them. Yet for this to come to pass, they will need an Umbra; the rarest of clairvoyants, and they have placed their hope upon Rune.


There are others who seek him too; the Corva Anx and their dark incantations and the vicious and determined Morwih. Yet Rune believes his father is still alive, beyond the lithe forests and effulgent oceans, at the cusp of reality, the ancient and enigmatic source of the Umbra.


Seek The Throat From Which We Sing is a visceral tale of animal mythology, of dark and foreboding rite and ritual and the desperate rasp of life.'


This is the original hardback version of the novel. A 387 page, hardback, cloth bound book, with a dust jacket with scarlet end pages.

A dark animal mythology / environmental fantasy book in the tradition of Rats of NIMH, Duncton Wood, and Watership Down.


Written by Alex CF, the author and illustrator of 'Punks In The Willows', an illustrated love letter and colourful guide to the punk rock community, told through the lives of animals. Also available through Earth Island Books. 'Punks in the Willows' is a collection of illustrations depicting the creativity, music, social justice and above all, friendship that is found in punk.


Alex CF's frenetic lines and beautiful depictions can be seen on band artwork, record labels and book covers alongside his own personal projects. He regularly takes on commissions, so feel free to contact him if you wish to discuss a project.

Alex is also the vocalist in a number of bands, where he creates self contained narratives and artwork inspired by his favourite authors, and ideologies shared within the band.

He is currently part of MORROW , ANOPHELI, WREATHE and previously ARCHIVIST, WORST WITCH and FALL OF EFRAFA.

Seek The Throat From Which We Sing by Alex CF (Hardcover)

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