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Domesticated on Audiobook

Never sitting still and always creative, James Domestic came back from a short holiday abroad recently and immediately sent us the greater part of his follow up to Domesticated Vol 1, the unexpectedly titled, Domesticated Vol 2. Well, it still needs a little work and while we put that together we've launched the audiobook version of his brilliant street poetry and punk prose book, 'Domesticated, Vol 1'.

It's available more or less everywhere with more links and audiobook channels being added every day now. Here’s a few for you to check out:

There are ebooks available too:

And, of course, the witty, surreal and downright furious original paperback, available from all good bookstores, online retailers and direct from Earth Island Books.

The paperback of 'Domesticated Vol 1' has been picking up great reviews all over the place, the latest from our buddies at Thoughts Words Action. This is what they had to say:

“Through his use of clever wordplay and satire, Domestic effortlessly dissects societal norms, political landscapes, and personal dilemmas. His ability to blend criticism with humor creates a refreshing and accessible reading experience, making the book intellectually stimulating and entertaining.”

“Domesticated Vol. 1 resonates deeply on an emotional level… The rhythm and flow of his poetry create a musicality that adds to the overall impact of the collection. His ability to craft powerful metaphors and clever wordplay showcases his mastery of language and further enhances the reading experience… a true gem in the literary world”

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