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Domesticated Vol 2 hits on Friday 13th

James Domestic's new book, 'Domesticated Vol.2' will be out on Friday 13th October and is up for pre-order right now!

158 pages of poems, colour illustrations, and some historical photos too! It's twice as big as Vol.1 and James is "Proper chuffed with it!" You can pre-order it here:

Here's James trying to get through 'It's inevitable' at Collosal Youth in Great Yarmouth this weekend. He was a few beers in by now a this was this second set at the gig.

The breaks between bands is a tough gig for a poet, but those that got it, got it (and some of them bought books - many thanks)'s one that references crusty punks, Michael McIntyre, pork chops, and the month of January...

James will be back this Sunday at The Brewery Tap in Sudbury for an afternoon session with a quality lineup including Sam Marsh, Amy Wragg, Ricci Read, Jackie Montague and Mary Dickins.

Domesticated Vol 1 and Vol 2 - punk rock poetry.

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