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edokand comes to life as we launch the Hardcover edition of 'The Grief Of Godless Games'

It's rare that a truly original work comes along, and when one does that just happens to be built in an alternative fantasy world, well that's a great opportunity to celebrate with some beautiful artwork.

This is exactly what we did for the launch of J.T. Audsley's upcoming epic, 'The Grief of Godless Games', publishing in September with paperback, hardback and ebook editions.

The beautiful paperback is substantial enough in itself, but we've also created a luxurious hardcover special edition. Officially published on 8th September, you'll be able to order 'The Grief of Godless Games' from your local bookstore, online, or direct from Earth Island Books, where it comes with a limited edition poster and bookmark.

Jennifer Lee created the artwork and maps for the book, inspired by J.T's world of Edokand, and colourfully bringing it to life.

She has kindly created a time lapse video of the cover artwork for us, adding; "I am so honoured and grateful for the opportunity to illustrate the cover and maps for this incredible book, The Grief of Godless Games. The captivating story and immersive world building for Edokand was what made it possible for me to draw inspiration for all of the art. JT Audsley’s The Grief of Godless Games will transport you to an entirely different world of time travel, magic, war, and adventure that will project beautiful scenes into your mind; just as it did for me during the creative process."

There will be another time lapse video of Jenni creating artwork for one of the maps coming soon.

'The Grief of Godless Games' is a brand new, 436 page, fantasy novel that will spirit you away.

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