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Domesticated Vol. 1 is an eighty page collection of James Domestic's street-poetry and punk-prose. It will be published by Earth Island Books and officially launches on 24th April 2023.

His previous book, Cruor, earned him comparisons to John Cooper Clarke and Ivor Cutler.

In this often witty, sometimes furious, and sometimes downright surreal collection, James Domestic does - as per usual - whatever the hell he likes, with poetry, prose, lyrics, illustrations, and edited photos all thrown into the mix with abandon. Punk, politics, habit, the nature of work, the environment, nostalgia, aging, and some quintessentially British whimsy, all crammed in together like a last minute bag hurriedly packed for tour. Somehow it works. A man in too many bands to count (The Domestics, PI$$ER, Da Groins, Tokyo Lungs... that's not even half of 'em), a solo artist, a vocalist, a songwriter, a DJ, a poet, a painter, someone who failed miserably at school, spent his early post-school life between the chemical factory and the dole, and somehow now has a PhD (yep, it's genuinely Dr Domestic!). A square peg in life's round hole. A face that never really fitted. He couldn't care less. Come along for the ride.

You can pre-order the book now here.

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