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New Wind at Scarecrow Records

The 'New Wind' event at Scarecrow Records was amazing this weekend with around sixty people showing up to join in the conversation on 'We Can Be The New Wind' with Alex Anesiadis.

Aris Karampeazis, Dimitris Marselos and George B. did their introductions regarding what 'New Wind' meant for them, and the band Anti-normals joined us too, as did people from all different punk and alternative backgrounds. Nikoletta Pakalidou saved the day when Alex was getting anxious about speaking, while Darek and George, both of Scarecrow Records, were kind as always, and so happy to host the event that also included craft beer supplied by Black Hole Kipseli.

Alex is working on his follow up book to 'New Wind' but that will take a while longer, so if you don't already have it, pick up a copy asap, from Scarecrow Records or direct from E I Books.

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