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The ongoing soundtrack of New Wind...

Great to see Fear n Loathing review Alex Anesiadis epic new book about the eighties and nineties hardcore scene, 'We can be the new wind'

"This book covers a large period of my life in which many of these bands provided the ongoing soundtrack." Andy says, "A solid volume that documents bands that all played a part in the music of their times and, in many cases, remain valid to this day."

With more than 160 bands interviewed and even more reviewed, the result is a total of more than 1000 essential 'pop-punk' bands covered in this book. 826 pages packed with information, photos and gig flyers from all your favourite bands, and all wrappd up in original cover art by Brian Walsby - this is an essential, if not comprehensive guide, to 80's alt-rock.

The first band interviewed was 7 Seconds, so put ‘New Wind’ on and turn it up, because it’s time to begin the journey...

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