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Thoughts Words Action review Terrorized

"I highly advise you not to skip any of these 350+ interviews because each one is worth reading in your spare time. Despite being hefty, you will read both volumes pretty damn fast if you are a music nerd like myself."

"Terrorized is a must for all the fans of extreme underground music!"

"If the books such as Burning Britain, The Scene That Would Not Die, Armed With Anger, Trapped In A Scene, The Day The Country Died and Contract In Blood weren’t enough to convince you about the importance of Ian Glasper’s writings for the global underground scene, then these new two volumes will unquestionably reassure you. For those unfamiliar with Ian Glasper, this punk rock musician, historian, journalist, and activist spent nearly four decades performing and writing about music. No one’s familiar with the UK and global scene like him, period. Just grab some of his books, and you’ll realize how much knowledge and effort it takes to write about the ethos, bands, and music scene.

His latest books collect the interviews he curated during his years in Terrorizer magazine. Terrorizer was crucial during the nineties. The magazines that embraced the zine ethos were rare commodities at the time. Glasper started writing a hardcore punk column for Terrorizer in the early nineties and spent twenty years doing it. It’s also good to mention that Glasper has played bass for Ammonia 77, Decadence Within, Burnside, Stampin’ Ground, Human Error, Suicide Watch, Flux of Pink Indians, Freebase, Betrayed By Many, Thirty Six Strategies, and Warwound. He currently shreds with Bristol-based anarcho punkers Zero Again and Midlands-based progressive thrash metal band Sun Of The Endless Night.

Considering these two volumes include 350+ interviews, both books are separated alphabetically. Therefore, the first volume embraces bands whose names start with the letters A to J. The bands like 100 Demons, AFI, Agnostic Front, Amebix, Annihilator, Anthrax, Bad Religion, Broken Bones, Candlemass, Cannibal Corpse, Cause For Alarm, Chaos UK, Congress, Converge, Cro-Mags, The Damned, Danzig, Destruction, Discharge, Disfear, DOA, Down By Law, Dub War, Earth Crisis, Excel, Exodus, Extinction of Mankind, Extreme Noise Terror, Face Down, Gama Bomb, Guttermouth, H2O, Hatebreed, The Haunted, Hirax, Hypocrisy, Icons of Filth, Ignite, Immolation, and Integrity are just some of the names who ended up in this volume. Of course, you can expect even more once you purchase the book.

You will have a great time reading these interviews because some were published when the bands started their careers or before they became more famous in the underground/mainstream circles. It is like opening a time capsule and digging into the past. Therefore, maybe you will learn something about the bands/artists you dearly love that you did not know before. This volume spans many genres like melodic punk rock, pop-punk, melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, anarcho-punk, d-beat, crust punk, crossover, metalcore, thrash metal, death metal, and grindcore. This book contains something for everyone, and you will enjoy reading these interviews even if you are not into particular bands or music genres. It is also good to mention that Glasper opens this volume with an explanation/story on how he started writing his Hardcore Holocaust column for Terrorizer magazine. There are forewords by Mike Score of All Out War and former editor Nick Terry.

The second volume reveals Glasper’s introduction where he talks about his favorite subjects. He mentioned many known and lesser-known names, and it would be shameful not to reveal them for yourself while reading this volume of the book. Like in the previous volume, there are also forewords, but this time by Terrorizer editor Jonathan Selzer and Therapy?’s Michael McKeegan. This part of the book embraces bands whose names start with the letters from K to Z. You will have the chance to read interviews with Killing Joke, Killswitch Engage, Knuckledust, Kreator, Life of Agony, Madball, Malevolent Creation, Megadeth, Merauder, Meshuggah, Millencolin, Misfits, Municipal Waste, Murphy’s Law, Napalm Death, NoMeansNo, No Redeeming Social Value, NOFX, Nuclear Assault, Obituary, Offspring, Onslaught, Overkill, Pennywise, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Power Trip, Prong, Raging Speedhorn, RKL, S.O.D., Sacred Reich, Sacrilege, Sepultura, Sheer Terror, Shelter, Sick Of It All, Six Feet Under, Slapshot, Slayer, Slipknot, Snapcase, SNFU, Sodom, Strife, Suffocation, System Of A Down, Terror, Testament, Therapy?, Throwdown, Total Chaos, Toxic Holocaust, Trivium, TSOL, Unleashed, Vader, Vital Remains, Warzone, and Your Demise among many others.

As you probably noticed, Glasper has embraced so many genres again, but it seems this volume carries more metal-oriented bands than the previous book. Still, you will find many excellent punk rock bands who have been at the top of the game for probably 30-40 years. I highly advise you not to skip any of these 350+ interviews because each one is worth reading in your spare time. Despite being hefty, you will read both volumes pretty damn fast if you are a music nerd like myself. Earth Island Books did a marvelous job on these books. Besides textual content, there are plenty of rarely seen or previously unseen photos dating from the period when these interviews came out in Terrorizer magazine. Each volume comes as a full-color printer paperback, so it will also look neat on your bookshelf. Head to Earth Island Books to purchase these volumes separately or in a special bundle. Terrorized is a must for all the fans of extreme underground music!

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