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Alternative summer reading

We've been working all through the summer on the compilation and layout of Ian Glasper's massive new book 'Silence is no reaction - Forty years of Subhumans' and it's finally coming together and in the last stages. It'll be with us this autumn, hopefully through E I Books in the UK / Europe and PM Press in the US too. We'll keep you updated.

In the meantime though if you need your alternative reading fix Ian's two great 'Terrorized' books are available now from the E I Books store, as is his brilliant book on contemporary UK punk bands, 'The Scene That Would Not Die' along with a double CD of bands featured within it. There's even a few copies of his earlier books 'Burning Britain' and 'The Day The Country Died' available from us in the UK now too.

Terrorized - The Collected Interviews, Volumes One and Two.

Ian with The Scene That Would Not Die

More of Ian Glasper's books in the E I Books store.

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