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More great DiWulf books in stock

We love working with other independent publishers and are now expanding our co-operation with US based punk-rockers DiWulf Publishing House.


We’re working together to span the globe and cross the oceans in an effort to bring more of each others books to the readers that want them. We started out a while ago with three of DiWulf’s great titles: ‘If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Walla Walla: The Wacky History of Adrenalin O.D., ‘No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes: An Oral History of the legendary City Gardens’, and the huge ‘Hard Times magazine anthology’. And we are now adding three more to this selection: ‘Miles per gallon’ by Mike Magrann, 'Don't Ever Punch A Rock Star: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors', by Danny Marianino (Expanded anniversary edition), and ‘Still Drinkin' & Smokin', Rockin' & Rollin': An Oral History of John & Peter’s’. You’ll find them all in the Earth Island Books store now.

We are stoked with this literary partnership pleased to help cut down those crazy US shipping costs. It's a good fit and creates a home and an outlet for the underground and unheard.

Likewise, DiWulf are stocking our books in the US so you can pick them up over there easily too.


You can check out the DiWulf books here, or order them direct from us.

Working together to support the underground. #punk #rock #books



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