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The Punksite talks about new books

The have been looking at a few books lately and sharing our news. Phinky had this to say about some of the new releases from Earth Island Books:

Domesticated Vol. 1 is an eighty-page collection of James Domestic‘s street-poetry and punk-prose. In this often witty, sometimes furious, and sometimes downright surreal collection, James Domestic does, as per usual, whatever the hell he likes, with poetry, prose, lyrics, illustrations and edited photos all thrown into the mix with abandon. Punk, politics, habit, the nature of work, the environment, nostalgia, aging, and some quintessentially British whimsy, all crammed in together like a last-minute bag hurriedly packed for tour. Domesticated Vol. 1 will be released on the 24th April via Earth Island Books and is now available for pre-order.

Punks In The Willows is a beautifully illustrated book of art and verse by Alex CF that tells of music, creativity, direct action and equality. The novel is a colourful guide to the punk rock community, told through the lives of animals. A collection of illustrations depicting the creativity, music, social justice and above all, friendship that is found in punk. Punks In The Willows will be released via Earth Island Books on the 7th April and is now available for pre-order.

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